Devon Dauntless Vs Mother Mayhem, PKF (HD 720p)

Devon Dauntless Vs Mother Mayhem, PKF (HD 720p)

After Devon Dauntless’s defeat in her battle with Leech, Mother Mayhem, a sorceress with incredible power, had her minion go get her body from the morgue so she can bring her back to life as her pet

The hideous creature obtained Devon’s body and brought it back to his mistress, where she used her magic powers to revive her.

Devon awakes confused, not knowing where she is or how she got there, but the woman standing over her tells her that everything will be ok, and that she is with mommy now.

Devon quickly realizes what is going on, and who the villainess before her is, she tells her that she knows who she is, to which, Mother Mayhem gets very angry and threatens to destroy her again, her monster growls, Devon realizes that she has to play their game to survive and escape.

Calmed down, Mother Mayhem tells them that she is going to make them some cookies, and to play nice while she is away. Devon see’s her opportunity and tries to get away, but the monster won’t let her move, so she grabs his treats and teases him with them, then the cheese-ball treat loving fiend lunges at her and grabs the bucket of treats, Devon attacks, punching the creature numerous times, but she is not at her full power, and the beast quickly turns the tables, pounding on her and kicking her.

In the kitchen, Mother Mayhem hears the ruckus and rushes in, using her magical powers to separate the two, she tells Devon that she needs to be punished and has her creature hold her down while she spanks her.

Devon still fights against the two, so Mother Mayhem realizes that the insolence needs to be fucked out of her, and the beast starts fucking Devon’s tight pussy, then her mouth until he cums.

Mother Mayhem then decides to use her magic powers to subdue Devon with a magical superheroine orgasm, she casts her pleasure beams straight into Devon’s pussy bringing her to a massive orgasm.

But the orgasm restored her super strength and she knocks the beast down then head butts Mother Mayhem, killing her.